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Local tour Mui Ne Discovery Tour would like to offer to our customer about all beautifull places in Mui Ne to visit, if you have plan travel to Mui Ne please missed this information.

Mui Ne Discovery Tour providing information about the beautifull places in Mui ne – Phan Thiet and could not be missed when traveling Phan Thiet – Mui Ne.


This was a school founded by patriotic scholars in 1907 in response to the Duy Tan movement in Trung Ky. Duc Thanh School also marked the time when President Ho Chi Minh stopped teaching before coming to Saigon. Today, in Duc Thanh school, it still retains nearly intact the nearly century-old memorabilia. Phan Thiet City Tour Half Day 30$/Car Private


Located between the river  Ca Ty and Trung Nhi street is the Ho Chi Minh Museum open Tuesday to Sunday, 07:30-16:30), with expansive, meticulously maintained grounds home to a large monolithic building featuring exhibits from Ho Chi Minh’s life, from birth to death, along with some history of Phan Thiet’s contribution to Vietnam’s liberation from the west. Just to the south is Duc Thanh school, where Ho Chi Minh once taught. The school has been preserved to appear exactly as it did during the revolutionary’s time there.
This museum displays objects relating to Ho Chi Minh’s life, as well as the history of Phan Thiet. Visitors can stroll around the memorial flower gardens, but the bulk of the attractions is set indoors. Inside the rather forbidding, monolithic building, visitors can retrace Ho Chi Minh’s life from his humble beginnings in Nghe An Province to his death in 1969. Phan Thiet CityTour Half Day 30$/Car Private


Phan Thiet market is a familiar stop. The market is located on the romantic Ca Ty River for a long time so the exchange of trade takes place quite smoothly, now considered as one of the largest and busiest shopping centers of Phan Thiet city.
Tourists coming to Phan Thiet can hardly ignore the shopping experience to learn the beauty of the people in the sea. Phan Thiet market is a place that sells countless seafood, but also has some kinds of fresh squid, frozen squid, dried squid, squid one sunny . If to buy as a gift, dried seafood is a suitable and convenient type. The most beneficial, the price is not too high either.
In addition to spoiled shopping for a variety of local specialties for sale, taking a walk around the market, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous local folk dishes such as filter cake, rice cake, wet bread, bread soup, vermicelli, rice, fried fish cake. Phan Thiet CityTour Half Day 30$/Car Private


hale teamle  is located on Ngu Ong Street, in Duc Thang Ward, Phan Thiet City. The road today and the former fishing port named Ngu Ong show the historical significance of the connection between Mr. Nam Hai and the local fisherman, the respect of fishermen as well as the belief in Mr. Nam Hai’s support. The history of Van Thuy Tu formation is associated with the history of the formation of Phan Thiet city and Binh Thuan province of the first class of fishermen who came to explore and build a sea area on the boat landing with the profession of catching and catching seafood and processing famous traditional fish sauce in this past. Phan Thiet CityTour Half Day 30$/Car Private


Located on the top of Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province,  Ong Hoang Floor  is a famous historical location associated with the love story of poet Han Mac Tu and the resistance war against the French. Vietnamese people. 
The history of Ong Hoang Floor began in 1911, when Duke De Montpensier came to Vietnam to visit and hunt. Realizing the scenery in Phan Thiet is very charming, so he bought a 536m2 land on Ba Na hill to build a villa. Phan Thiet CityTour Half Day 30$/Car Private

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Poshanu Tower is located on Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai ward, 7 km northeast of Phan Thiet. Poshanu Cham Tower is a group of remnants of ancient Champa Kingdom. Hoa Lai architectural style tower – one of the ancient art styles of Champa. Although only small and medium sized, distilled the quintessence of architectural techniques and decorative arts of the ancient Cham people to create a majestic and mysterious look. Phan Thiet CityTour Half Day 30$/Car Private

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Near the Hon Rom area, one of the sights that once fascinated the poets, artists and photographers is the Red Sand Dunes (in the 5th quarter, Mui Ne ward). In addition to the beautiful shape, the color of the sand is also a attraction for many visitors (up to 18 different colors). If traveling by motorbike, tourists park the car in the bars across the sand hill area (remember to lock the car and remind the owner to pay attention). Up the sand hill, you can rent a board to play sandboarding, only about 5,000 VND per plate. After playing, you can enjoy cold coconut at the restaurant and filter cake Phan Thiet. Mui Ne Tour 5$

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red sand dunes

It is 18 km from Hon Rom Island. These are two natural freshwater lakes located between immense white sand hills.( Bau Trang), also known as (Bau Ong) ‘’Vietnamese name’’!  comes here you will admire the lotus bloom in the middle of white sand hill in the summer. Lotus Lake has another name is ‘’Bau Ba’’, this place is a vast sea and lake, the deep blue water is surrounded by pure beautiful sand dunes with smooth white crystal. Mui Ne Tour 5$

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white sand

Fairy Spring is a small stream located next to Hon Rom, this is a walking stream with a beautiful sand valley. Next to the stream are natural stalactites, which are red and white. Due to the erosion of time, stalactites have created strange natural shapes.  Mui Ne Tour 5$

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The fishing village of Mui Ne is located about 3 km north of the town of Mui Ne. At the entrance to the village, you can witness hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored on the water. Not far from the port is a small colorful market with peaceful beauty of coconut trees surrounded. Walking along the beach covered with sea shells during fishing, especially in the dock and south of the town, you will see how the fishermen classify their catch. Mui Ne Tour 5$

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Fishing Village

Ke Ga is a special island at high tide, the water surrounds the island and you have to take a boat there, but at low tide, you can walk here. From Ke Ga cape to Ba island, where Ke Ga lighthouse is located, usually take a motor boat or basket boat. What makes the attraction of Ke Ke Ga is wild, quiet and fresh. Rocks of all sizes create a beautiful barrier to the island. The sea here is very green, plus the fresh air … creating a diverse and vivid picture of nature.
The most famous attraction in ke ga is lighthouse. The light tower is built of stone with a height of 35km, the height from the lamp to the sea surface is 65m. What is special lies inside when there are 183 spiraling steel spiral steps and hundreds of steps leading to the top. A great feeling to the lighthouse when you can see the whole beautiful island.
It is known that this is a lighthouse built by the French to help vessels determine their position while traveling at sea. The lighthouse is a living document about a unique structure that has existed for nearly 120 years, lying in the middle of the sea and still standing there through hundreds of storms. Ke Ga Light House 40$

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Takou mountain pagoda located in Ham Thuan Nam distance 50km from Mui Ne center
At top Takou, there are many Buddha statues, the most famous of which is the Buddha lying statue. The statue of Buddha is 11m high and 49m long. This is also one of the largest Buddha of Vietnamese Buddhism.
If you want to explore the Takou,  do not miss the opportunity to experience an interesting trip with Takou  mountain pagoda tour from Mui Ne. Takou tour cheap price only 40$ by Private car

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