We are muinediscoverytour, the young team living in Mui Ne, we got hight knowledge about travel service in Mui Ne, We always bring the best things to our customers.

We have over 10 years of experience in the travel industry, we are constantly innovating to bring the best to our customers. If you’ve been to our area for travel please don’t forget our service.




Anytime when you are in Mui Ne and need consulting about travel information don’t hesitate to send us a message from you, our staff will come to you provide information to you if you are in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet.

Mui Ne Discovery Tour



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Chúc Quý khách một ngày vui vẻ và hạnh phúc

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 Whatsapp: +84 902859777

Website: https://muinediscoverytour.com

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Address 1: 100. Lac Long Quân – Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan

Address 2: 19. Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan


Muinediscoverytour: booking transfers of professional carriers

We have found more than 575 companies, professionally engaged in tourist transportation in 102 countries. We signed agreements with these companies about the standards of muinediscoverytour shared and private transfers. That is why, all the clients booking transfers with us receive the service of an identical quality everywhere.

The booking system enables booking a shared or private transfer at the price known in advance. It is possible to select or set parameters of a trip: pick-up and drop-off locations, arrival flight number, date and time of a transfer, car class and capacity, and child seats availability.

In a commentary, one can leave a custom request, e.g. if one needs to transport bulky baggage or animals or if an English-speaking driver is needed and etc. The more information you provide, the more suitable transfer we can find for you – if something in your request is unclear, we will get in touch with you to clarify.

It is very simple for a client. One just needs to visit the muinediscoverytour.com website, select a desirable route, choose one of 13 tariffs and car classes, and complete the transfer booking form. We find a suitable carrier for you, send you a voucher, control how the service is provided and ask you for the feedback.